rodeo 0.9b5 and simulation tweaking
+ setup tab: fixed adding of geometry that was moved since last "synchronize" call (synchronize again before importing geometry)
+ setup tab: double clicking "World" will update all positions and geometries
+ solver tab: "tweak from here"

Was not working:
- Animator: add ubershape
- Rodeo: enable ubershape
- Animator: move ubershape
- Rodeo: disable ubershape
- Rodeo: enable ubershape -> imports wrong geometry (at the wrong place)

Is fixed now. This means enabling bodies gets slow with large projects now, so prefer to add a lot of objects at once.

Double clicking "World" will update the setup-positions (e.g. positions at ODE startframe), AND geometries.
Cj, I hope this fixes your scaling problems!
You need to "reset" the simulation though.

In the solver tab, you can click "Tweak from here". Toegther with "Solve during playback", you can tweak the simulation starting over and over at the same frame. Here is an example:

Assignment: simulate a ball that flies through a hole, touching the rim.

- Animator: setup the ball
- Animator: setup the hole
- Rodeo: let the ball fly

Problem: where must the hole be??

Solution: "Tweak from here":
- Rodeo: run simulation once (ball misses the hole)
- Animator: go to frametime where the ball is near the hole
- Rodeo: enable Advanced tab -> "Solve during playback"
- Rodeo: hit Solver tab -> "Tweak from here". It will become "Tweak frame xxx"
- Animator: Adjust the hole
- Animator: playback
- Animator: Adjust the hole
- Animator: playback
- Animator: Adjust the hole ..... until satisfied
- Rodeo: hit Solver tab -> "Tweak frame xxx". It will become "Tweak from here"

Now ball will go through hole, touching the rim.
rodeo 0.9b4 and solving in camera view
short version:
- changed the calculations to "single precision" for speed gain. I cannot see a differece between the solutions with "double precision"
- meshes tab: fixed the convex hull function
- advanced tab: solve during playback

long version:
The "single precision" has no impact (by eye) on the calculations. In the one project (1280 cubes), it saved me 20% of the time compared to "double precision". I guess in other projects with lots of meshes there will be an additional gain.

The convex hull function was not working properly.

You can solve during playback in the Camera window. If you enable this checkbox, you can watch the solution live in the Camera window. You should set the render settings to "NOT skip frames". The Rodeo window can be closed. You can also watch the solution in the Rodeo Solver tab and in the Camera window at the same time.

Please ignore the "Tweak from here" button in the Solver window.