ribody beta 4
- fixed a crash with the mesh-tab when using polygon-reduction on multi-processor/very fast machines. please re-check.

- dont add plugins without geometry (e.g. ribody itself) this will cause a crash

- new feature: Advanced -> Accurate Solver
the accurate solver is slower and eats more memory during solving. however, its "accurate".
well, as accurate as ODE can be at this moment.

normally, you will not use this solver, but Hans had a setup with some very light balls connected to a heavy body.
the not-accurate solver caused the heavy body to be dominated by the light balls (the heavy body had to move quickly
according to the balls). the accurate solver made the light balls move according to the heavy body.

there is no rule of thumb for this, when to use the accurate solver and when not. I guess, when you think something is
fishy with the animation, use the accurate solver.