04 September 2005
rodeo beta 6
- fixed crash when things fly apart during solving. when things fly apart (e.g. when you use links), use "accurate solver".
there is no auto-detection for "things fly apart".

- animated meshes are prepared (mesh tab-> static mesh). works only with animated scale-channel for now.

If there are crashes, i definately need the crashlog!
rodeo beta 5
- RiBoDy is now rODEo, as suggested by Uwe Kerpen! I think everyone agreed that this is a very good name for the plugin.
It is funny and "descriptive" at the same time, also easy to remember.

- I have renamed the plugin to rODEo (including all the resources etc). You need to delete ribody.plm and ribody.rsc, of course.
All the projects have to be fixed: the plugin has to be "found" again for Animator.

You can rename rODEo.plm. Be sure you rename rODEo.rsc to the same name.
rODEo will find out how the plugin is called and load the appropriate .rsc file.

So it is possible to have several versions of rODEo,

This way it will be possible to compare them directly in one project.

- rODEo works with implicit and explicit position channels (Position / XPosition,YPosition,ZPosition )

Animator 5.5:
- if you changed the pivot in the Animator 5.5 link-dialog, rODEo will give unpredictable results. This is because the link-data
cannot be accessed in Animator 5.5. Copying the data from the interface does not help, because parented objects might
be rotated and offsetted, although the linkdialog has only 0's in it.