rodeo 0.8b3
- I fixed some more memory leaks. Appears to be okay now. MallocDebug is hell, because it supports mach-o only, no PEF.
- using less memory for objects. An ubershape sphere, 100x100 divisions, before: 15.3MB body + 11.2MB proxy , now: 6.4 body + 5.4 proxy.
("Body" is representation in the interface, "Proxy" is used for collision engine.)
@Uwe: you should be able to use about twice as many objects as before.

You can verify the status of the plugin (limited demo / full beta) by looking at the lower text in the interface. I hope I got all the dongle-numbers correct.
rodeo 0.8b2
You are receiving the new version before it is released on the website.

It has a crash fixed, when you use "non-static geometry", which can crash the solver-window.
Hopefully this fixes some more mysterious random crashes.

Its still using an awful lot of memory, but I'm at it. Also, my "debug" version dont leak memory, where as the "final" appears to do so. Enable some objects, disable, enable, disable and it will eat memory. Weird CodeWarrior C++ runtime-library...