26 November 2006
rodeo 0.8b8 and dragged car
this is a setup for a dragged car.

also attached you find the latest rodeo, including a "universal" binary - that works with PPC only right now (compiled w/ CW).
simple car setup
The setup is straight forward:

- the wheels must be children of the car (linked directly)
- make sure the wheels are tied to the car in the link-dialogue:
-- link-type: custom, lock all positions, lock 2 of 3 rotations

- add the car, the wheels, and the street to rodeo

If the wheels come off: visit the link-dialogue again.
Animator cannot "batch" edit the link-type, that is you cannot select all
wheels and edit their link-type to custom.
You need to setup the wheels one by one.
rodeo 0.8b7
- you can use hierarchic linked objects. make sure you "inherit position" and "inherit rotation" and "NOT inherit scale" in the link-dialog. except from that you can do anything (move'n'rotate the pivot, set parent offset, Park, etc). one step closer to true joints/link-support.
- of course, non-hierarchic *parked* objects work now, too (or any other of the above mentioned modifications)

- "joints" tab exists and shows objects (you can pick them), but it does not do anything right now. (e.g. list of objects is not updated)

there will be only a few joints supported in the initial release (only those supported by ODE).