rodeo 0.8b9 and ragdoll
this version fixes issues with user-animated masspoints (like the effector used to drag the car).

also attached some kind of ragdoll project - as you can see, I am not an artist.
the setup is unsual, from-top-to-bottom, not like the regular poser figures. this was necessary to have the string attached to the head, since it is not possible yet to attach bodies to each other that are not *directly* linked.
(otherwise the head is directly attached to the neck, which will be its only parent!)

see the attached project ragdoll_wrong for a "wrong" setup. because the string is child to the head, the string will fall down together with the head regardsless of its original animation path.

so the solution for a clean ragdoll would be:
- an out-of-hierarchy animated string
- regular set up ragdoll (like poser)
- add a link from string to doll's head
however, this won't be supported until rodeo 1.1.