29 April 2007
rodeo 0.8b18
projects with lots of objects make all the sporadic little errors happen more often.

this update fixes an other memory-eater when using meshes (instead of cubes/spheres). I was able to add 832 teapots (in standard resolution), which resulted in a memory usage of 1.7GB.

also, i fixed the flickering objects (rotating very quickly from frame to frame), which had to do with the rotation-conversion from ODE to EIAS.

there is another safe-guard against NaNs (which make objects disappear), and I am investigating why this happens at all.
the engine sometimes just refuses to solve correctly, and will return NaNs.


be aware that rodeo can only display a little more than 2000 objects in the setup-tab ATM. the rest of the list will be drawn black, or nothing will be drawn at all.

to see how much memory Animator is using, use the "Activity Monitor.app". The "virtual mem" tab will tell you how much RAM is reserved by Animator. If this equals your built-in RAM size, Animator is close to crash.
you need to add the objects batch-wise.
rodeo 0.8b17 and 1280 cubes - fixed
* fixed "disappearing" objects ( rotation was set to "nan" )
* fixed error handling, when solver failed with "nan"s ( solver will stop and return to previous frame )

- there are messages in "console.log" to be viewed with "Console.app". on PPC/Windows you can also view the messages with "Console.plm", which has not been ported to UB yet

You can find the 1280-cubes project, solved until the end (all cubes are coming to rest ) in the "files" section
rodeo 0.8b16 and 1280 cubes
I think I have finally discovered the memory-eater (which was a function to reduce the memory usage, ironically). Fixed in this release:

* setup tab: multiple items actions crash fixed (multi-select + add/remove/set surface property)
* setup tab: memory leak fixed
* setup tab: adding objects is faster now
- BEFORE: project was synchronized to rodeo-startframe for each object seperately (it is very slow - which was something the Igors warned me about)
- NOW: project is synchronized once, then all selected objects are added
* solver tab: fixed collision engine to handle large amounts of objects
rodeo 0.8b14 and mactel
this is a fix for mactel computers. you should be able to load old ppc-projects now. also the opengl keys should work now (spacebar + apple/alt).

sometimes it is necessary to distinguish between osx and windows, and sometimes between ppc and intel. this should be fixed now...