rodeo 0.8b22 without multiprocessor
beta21 accidentally had some multiprocessor stuff enabled. it is not working stable, especially EIAS6.5 gets stuck or simply crashes.
rodeo 0.8b21 is faster
I found that slow-down. The whole project was affected in EIAS (lots of objects -> slow down). I was able to remove the function-call twice, so things go very fast now.

I enabled only 1 cube in the 1280-cubes project, and it is very fast now like in a 1-cube project.
rodeo 0.8b20 and crash fixes
a big "thank you" to David, Cj and Tomas! You really helped me to find some bugs.

I finally found the bug in ODE which made the positions/rotations go wild randomly. At the end, Tomas' project made the error reproducable with a 100% chance of failing.
rodeo 0.8b19 and windows
* fixed a memory eater/crash for the windows platform

the fix will affect the mac platform as well, and will safe some additional memory. i guess you will be able to enable some more objects now.